Venn 77 TCD Disc


Venn Var 77mm Tubeless Carbon Disc Brake filament wound rim brake carbon rims.

Our Venn rims are supplied plain, without decals.

Rim brake version also available.

ERD: 492


Venn rims are designed using extensive applied and theoretical aerodynamics know-how acquired during many years of work in wind tunnels, and at the cutting edge of computational fluid dynamics (CFD)

Every rim undergoes tyre inflation test, dimensional accuracy testing, and batch testing using X-ray imaging to identify any potential lamination issues before the rims are released for sale. Venn standards are among the highest in the industry

Patented filament winding process ensures precise and accurate carbon fiber layup – each fibre is oriented exactly as intended. This ensures that every rim achieves maximal strength and durability

The rim shapes are formed using metal mandrels, not bladders or foam. Metal mandrels deliver much higher tolerance and molding accuracy, and prevent fibre migration during curing

Complex post cure process to completely finish the epoxy resin reactions. Resins used in manufacture of sporting goods (rims, frames, rackets, etc.) often do not in fact fully cure until several days after the initial curing (baking) cycle is completed. Venn therefore perform two additional post-cure cycles for additional 14 hours. This results in the rims being fully cured, and therefore entirely stable once you start using them

VAR filament winding process utilises slit tape towpreg to accurately lay up the carbon fibre in an automated, computer controlled process.

The profile of the VAR 35 TCD rim was developed to offer the best aerodynamics when used with 25-28mm tyres. The external width of 30mm optimises the airflow in combination with wider tyres, while the internal width of 21mm ensures that the wider tyres achieve a stable, round profile. The rim width also means that the rims are laterally very stiff while the filament winding process ensures that the rims remain vertically compliant due to the 45 degree fibre layup bias. The combination of these features results in very fast, safe handling wheels that can be used in any conditions.

The wheels are compatible with clincher, or tubeless tyres that when used with a sealant virtually eliminate the inconvenience of having a flat tyre away from home, or during a race.

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