Wheel Box (assembled)


Wheel box suitable for a pair of wheels. Cardboard box (66x66x29cm) with two seperate inserts to hold the wheels securely.

Box arrives fully assembled ready to use.

To avoid any confusion and disappointment in the wheel carrying capacity of this box – it is designed to accommodate 2x 700c wheels without tyres. 700c wheels are the same size as 29er (622 diameter). If you wish to fit wheels complete with tyres – you will need a larger box than this. However you could always remove the tyres and include them separately within the box. Tyre sizes vary so it would be challenging to provide wheel boxes that also accommodated all wheels of all sizes with all sizes of tyre as well. If your wheels are 650b (584) or 26″ (559) they will fit in this box but extra padding is required. The dimensions of this box are the same as the Fulcrum/Campagnolo wheel boxes. The box is designed to have two wheels sit next to each other side by side, held apart by two inserts (top and bottom). We recommend that you put a cap (sold separately) on each end of each axle where the axle touches the outside of the box and a further cap to separate the wheels from each other. This provides wheel packaging which can handle loading in all dimensions.

Please note as well – you will only receive a cardboard box here with two inserts. I agree, it is surprising that cardboard boxes are as expensive as this, however it does contain custom stereo inserts (see pictures) and is made out of recycled material and a dual ply board. I also wish that the safe transportation of bicycle wheels cost less than it does.