Bitex freehub body 54pt


Freehub body for 54pt engagement hubs. Comes with ABEC 5 TPI steel bearings.

Bitex hubs have either a 48pt or a 54pt freehub, depending on the model. We sell both types on this site and the type is not interchangeable. To work out which one you need, simply count your ratchet teeth inside your Bitex hub and times this number by two; i.e. if your hub has 24 teeth, you need the 48pt and if it has 27 teeth, you need the 54pt.

All Shimano 11spd freehubs (except the steel option) come with steel anti-bite splines fitted.

Steel options only have one set of three pawls (instead of two sets of three) – and therefore offer 27pts of engagement rather than 54pts.

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These are compatible with the following 54pt hubs:

BX101R BX103R BX108R BX212R

BX312R MTR12 BX401R

BX402R BX207R BX211R



Additional information

Freehub Body (54pt)

Shimano 11 speed (standard), Shimano 11 speed (Steel), Shimano Microspline, SRAM XD, SRAM XDR, SRAM XD (Steel)