Venn 45 TCD Disc


Venn Var 45mm Tubeless Carbon Disc filament wound disc brake carbon rims.

Our Venn rims are supplied plain, without decals.

Weight: 450g

ERD: 553


The profile of the Var 45 TCD disc brake bike 45mm carbon rim was developed to offer the best aerodynamics when used with 25-28mm tires.

The external width of 30mm (28mm at the brake track) optimizes the airflow in combination with wider tires, while the internal width of 21mm ensures that the wider tires achieve a stable, round profile. The resulting aerodynamic performance exceeds that of generic 50mm+ carbon rim based wheels in some conditions while offering superior handling.

The rim width also means that the rims are laterally very stiff while the filament winding process ensures that the rims remain vertically compliant due to the 45 degree fiber layup bias. The combination of these features results in very fast, safe handling carbon wheels that can be used in any conditions.

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Disc Brake