OKO Magic Milk Sealant High Fibre


OKO Magic Milk High Fibre Sealant seals punctures up to 7mm. Apart from its ability to fix larger punctures, it has no drawbacks over the regular Magic Milk. It lasts 6-9 months inside a tyre, comfortably more than other high performance sealants on the market. No hazardous materials, vegan friendly (but don’t eat it).

See full description below. Regular Magic Milk is also available to buy.

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OKO are the original tyre sealant company, bringing market leading sealants to the world of bicycles. They launched their first product in 1978 and have been developing ever since, now selling in 90+ countries worldwide. They make a broad range of sealants for applications including mining vehicles, motocross, haulage and mobility vehicles.

The main ways for a sealant to fall short include: drying up too quickly, not effectively sealing punctures (especially sidewall cuts), and corroding wheels or rotting tyres. OKO Magic Milk leads the way in fighting all of these common failures. The non corrosive, non flammable, flight safe formula is safe for all users without worrying about your expensive components. Thanks to a special synthetic latex it lasts for 6-9 months inside a tyre, (Orange Seal lasts 30-45 days, their Orange Seal Endurance sealant lasts for 60-120 days). OKO doesn’t ball up in inside the tyre like some sealants, it is free flowing and will instead eventually dry up as an even layer, thanks to built in imulsifiers which keep it in solution. It also uses a proprietary and secret formulation of plastic-free microfibers to aide sealin, and no ammonia which reacts nastily with wheel components.

There are no hazardous materials involved. It’s also vegan – but don’t eat it. OKO is a carbon-negative company.

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