A Force Al25, black, disc, external


A-Force AL25 version 2. Also available drilled for internal nipples.

ERD: 592mm

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The Al25 was developed following the success of the aero Al33. Aforce wanted a far lighter rim where aerodynamics was either not desired or not relevant. There are two iterations of this rim; a symmetrical rim brake model and an asymmetrical disc brake model. The asymmetrical rim needs to be run in different orientations depending on if it is used as a front or a rear. The asymmetry allows for more even spoke tensions throughout. This combined with the naturally lower dish levels on disc wheels makes for spoke tensions that are similar on the disc and non disc side. We compared the tensions to one built up on a BX106F hub and with disc side tensions measuring 110kgf, we measured 100kgf on the non-disc side. 110Kgf is the maximum tension we recommend on this rim as no more is required due to its asymmetrical design and additional tension only puts unnecessary additional strain on the spoke bed.

NB – please note this is the second version of the Al25 disc. The prototype version excessively pushed the boundaries of what was possible, producing a rim which failed to use enough aluminium be a viable product. The dimensions of the V2 profile remain unchanged but various wall thicknesses were modified to make a very different handling rim. V2 meets the original design perameters; a lightweight, wide and reasonably deep road/all road and lightweight gravel application rim. The weight has increased from the original version from 340g to 400g (398g weighed).

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