Who are Bitex?

Bitex is a superlative Taiwanese bicycle hub manufacturer. The company itself started in 1923, formerly known as Valisum.  Bitex use a combination of high quality materials and innovative and often patented designs to create some of the best performing, most durable and reliable hubs on the market. They consistently review well in a broad range of fields. They are also available at truly unbelievable prices. They make a hub suitable for every occasion. Here you can buy and enquire about trade and retail purchasing of their hubs. Distribution of their hubs from this site is operated from the UK.  Anything which is listed as in stock will be in stock in the UK and can be dispatched within 48hrs.


Why choose Bitex?

The Bitex hubs use ABEC5 TPI bearings, unless otherwise state. They are among the best quality available.  They will help your hubs to roller faster for longer. Spares are carried here as standard. They are standard sizes so alternatives are also suitable. All spares are available, even if not listed here.  The hubs are easy to take apart with basic tooling for servicing.

Bitex use their own patented 6 pawl design.  There are two groups of pawls which work in teams of three simultaneously.  Each pawl is held in place by a spring/clip and is also given an additional coil spring.  This design is fast to engage, is quiet and is very durable. It provides either 48 or 56 point engagement, depending on the hub.

Bitex MTB hubs have the option of converting between different axle types, so if you change your fork/frame, you do not have to change your hub.

Bitex RAF12 road hubs have a wide bracing angle.  This makes a wheel stiffer and more comfortable.

Bitex use alloy axles and freehub bodies to save weight, so they are among the lightest hubs available.

Boost and touring hubs are also available as well as centre lock hubs, which can be used for MTB and road disc applications.

How to replace a rear axle:


How to replace end caps: